Learn the Do’s and Don’ts before Shipping to Saudi Arabia!

shipping to Saudi Arabia

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts before shipping to Saudi Arabia!

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When you are moving to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there will be many things that you will want to be a part of your next consignment of shipping to Saudi Arabia.

In order to make sure that you do not encounter any kind of difficulty, it is advisable to hire the professional movers and packers to do the shipping for you. However, you will be responsible for anything that goes wrong in shipping to Saudi Arabia, which is why it is essential that you make yourself aware of the various custom rules and regulation details of the country.

After all, you do not want your moving part to be spoiled because of your belongings getting stranded in some port of the nation. The customs regulations information has been listed below to give you a complete idea of shipping to Saudi Arabia.

The required documents

  •    All the documents must have the name of the customer as it is on the passport. Do not use abbreviations or initials for your company because Saudis will not accept them.
  •    Copy of the passport with an entry visa.
  •    Proof of employment as legalized by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce or the Saudi Government Agency.
  •    Work and residence permit.
  •    Originally valued inventory for customs purposes.
  •    Certification of health, which states the customer, does not have AIDS.
  •    Certificate of Insurance.
  •    Keys for any locked items for inspection by customs.
  •    Documents for surface shipments must be received at the destination a week before the arrival.

Customs regulation

  •    The owner of the items must be in the Kingdom of Saudi at time of customs clearance.
  •    All the shipments must be inspected and subjected to duty.
  •    Import of consolidation or any groupage shipments is not permitted.
  •    All the goods imported in the country must display the country of origin like “Made in India” or “Made in Japan”.
  •    The shipments arriving in the region without any comprehensive packaging will be subjected to unloading and completely tally at the port of discharges.
  •    Shipments will be valued locally and the rates will vary.
  •    Trailers and containers must have a comprehensive packing list of all the content.

If you are interested in bringing a pet with you to Saudi Arabia then please note that you will be expected to present a health certificate, owner/birth certificate, vaccination certificate for your animal. An experienced company for shipping to Saudi Arabia will be able to provide you with the additional information that you will need for moving overseas and shipping to Saudi Arabia.

Prohibited items

When shipping to Saudi Arabia, there are certain items that are not allowed to be shipped. Bear in mind the following items:

  •    Narcotics or drugs.
  •    Any kind of weapon or ammunition.
  •    Passenger cars that employ the use of diesel fuel.
  •    Pornographic materials, which also includes films, literature, and photos.

Car shipping to Saudi Arabia

If you are returning to Saudi after having been out of the nation for a while or are moving there for work then you might be interested in car shipping to Saudi Arabia. If you are a person like a foreign diplomat, the one who qualifies for duty exempt shipping then your car would also be tax exempt.

If you are not a Saudi resident but are interested in shipping a car to Saudi, in your name for a temporary period of time then you may be allowed to import a vehicle for up to 6 months.

Consult an experienced shipping company to make your shipping to Saudi Arabia a breeze.

For more information, visit Jeddahmovers.com.

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